Curriculum Design & Development

Curriculum design is available for live, facilitated workshops or e-learning. I can modify already existing materials to represent current practice and thinking or design something new.

E-learning Design (English and/or Spanish)

I can edit and redesign your existing material or develop/write new content for e-learning modules.

Topics range from: Understanding & Preventing Harassment and Discrimination, Clinical Cultural Competence, Cultural Competence, Cross-Cultural Communication, Diversity, Respectful Workplace and related areas.

Content can be translated from English into Spanish by an ATIO Certified Translator.
Interviewing (live) or for Video Delivery

I can design questions and interview on a wide range of topics. The interviews can be live with the results summarized in writing, or on video for later teaching purposes.

Program Development

Are you interested in considering how your organization might design and implement changes that lead to improved staff and client/customer/patient relationships? If so, let’s talk…

Project Coordination

Do you have a time-limited organizational project you want to succeed? Do you want to attract a new community or communities to your organization? Are you concerned about how to ensure a successful, upcoming event? If so, let’s talk…

Workshop Design & Facilitation

What do you want your employees to learn? What do they need to do differently? How do you want the new knowledge/information to impact their relationships with each other and customers/clients? What type of performance challenges need to be understood and overcome? Have you considered the most effective delivery methods? Have you thought about the importance of adhering to adult learning principles? What will work best in your environment? Do you want classroom instruction and facilitated discussions? Or would you prefer E-learning or a blended solution? Videos? What are the different outcomes you can expect?

Let’s discuss the options…